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19 Aug


Didn’t YOU KNOW that…..

Your Immune System is The Best Doctor:

A Strong Immune System means Having a Healthy Body

Nature has gifted man with a natural doctor right from his birth.

” The name of this doctor in our body is “immune system”. This doctor is born with us and dies with us.

” If your immune system is strong, the body is able to effectively fight diseases caused by bacteria, virus or simply body imbalances (e.g. elemental or nutritional deficiencies).
” However, when your immune system goes weak, the “foreign invaders” or toxins (poison) penetrate into the cells of the body and cause diseases.

” If lung cells are affected, it creates asthma or other respiratory diseases.

” If heart cells are affected, it gives rise to blood pressure, heart related problems, etc.

” If kidney cells are affected, the kidney organs lose the ability to excrete waste products leading to kidney failure, then dialysis will be required and eventually kidney transplantation.

” If joints and bones are affected, it leads to arthritis leading to impaired mobility.

” If brain cells are affected, it affects sensory and loco motor functions of the body. It may also lead to migraine, meningitis, paralysis, blurry vision, etc.

” Worst of all, if those affected cells become extremely abnormal in structure (anatomy) and function (physiology) that would spread affecting the good cells, we call them cancer cells.

” Thus, when the doctor in us looses his power of resistance, we become weak and contract diseases in various organs of the body.
The Immune System is our best defense against disease. It is a network of cells, tissues and organs that work together to protect the body against attacks by “foreign” invaders or toxins. It destroys infected and malignant cells, and removes cellular debris.

The system includes:
1. Protective Barriers: Mucous membranes and Skin
2. Creation of Antibodies: Tonsils, Thymus, Lymph Nodes and Tissues, Spleen and Bone Marrow
3. Soldiers Cells: T lymphocytes and B lymphocytes

Exposure to Toxins:
1. Dust
2. Pollens
3. Smoke (1st & 2nd hand smoking) or polluted air
4. Micro organisms (virus, bacteria, fungi & protozoa)
5. Cumulative “mild” chemicals (preservatives,chlorine, fluoride, pesticides, etc.)

Many of these toxins get into our body as we breathe, eat, drink, and are exposed to the environment. Due to these daily exposures in varying degrees, our body cells become “out of balance”. Then, health problems or diseases develop to the point that they become chronic or lifetime. To avoid this, we should always keep our Immune-System strong.

Exposure to toxins cannot be avoided as we cannot stop breathing, drinking or eating.

So, we need a PERMANENT PROTECTOR against toxins!

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