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Healthy Living: 8 dieting hurdles for men


Have you been trying to get rid of your shapely pot-belly for a
while, but the dastardly thing just won’t budge? Perhaps you’re
simply making one of these all too common dieting mistakes that guys are prone to fall for which includes thr following;

1. Man-sized meals
It’s kind of obvious, but you need to remind yourself of it every now and again: the more you eat, the bigger the chances of your weight going up. The most important watch-phrase is ‘portion size’. Rather than eating one humongously large plate of food once a day, go for more frequent, smaller portions.
And, no, eating large portions of health food isn’t going to help – a large portion is a large portion. Gradually cut down on the amounts you eat and you’ll find that your body will soon get used to less. Also: stop having seconds and polishing off everyone else’s leftovers. What you’re aiming for is a well balanced diet of regular healthy meals in moderate portions.

2. Liquid diet
Guys, our favourite dieting ploy of replacing food with a couple of pints of draught is flawed! Guess what? Beer has calories, too. Disappointingly plenty, in fact. To make matters worse, alcohol tends to lower your inhibitions. Let’s be honest: how often do we find ourselves ordering a plate of greasy pub grub with that extra bottle of lager. And if you’re hoping to drink yourself slim with fizzy sodas, energy drinks or even fruit juice, think again. They all tend to contain loads of sugar and won’t do wonders for your waistline. The most
appropriate drink for the thirsty man on a diet is a regular glass of delicious chilled water, which plays a crucial role in your body’s metabolism of fats.

3. Exercise is not enough
You can’t keep on pigging out on mega-burgers and family-sized pizzas and expect to remedy the problem with the odd extra gym session. Don’t get me wrong, regular exercise is important, but if you’re really serious about losing weight, you’ll have to adjust your diet. This is especially true for men in their 40s and older. As your
body’s metabolism slows down naturally with age, you’ll find it
increasingly difficult to keep up with poor eating habits by just

4. Eating on the run
Many guys think they’re so busy all day long, they can only fit in high-speed meals between meetings and other more important bits of their lives. But the stress associated with such rapid-fire eating sessions can contribute to weight gain. If you’re always in a hurry, you’re less likely to make healthy food choices and it’s bad for your digestion, too. Make mealtimes a calm and enjoyable part of your daily routine and you’ll help your digestive system process
everything you send its way.

5. You’re no Jamie Oliver
For many a man the main stumbling block en route to a good diet is the fact that he can’t cook to save his life and is forever dependent on fattening, highly-processed junk food. Cooking may be a little intimidating at first, but once you get into it, it’s great fun.

Extra bonus: women tend to be really impressed by men who can cook. Buy yourself a nice entry-level cook book or two, find some
delicious-looking, healthy dishes and get cracking. You might even want to try cooking classes designed specifically for guys.

6. Skipping meals
Thinking that missing out on meals during the day will help you. lose weight is a fallacy. Quite the opposite is true: the practice tends to slow down your metabolism and encourage your body to store fat, most of it in your belly. So moderately-sized, healthy and balanced breakfast, lunch and dinner it is.

7. The weekend binge
After keeping on top of your diet all week long, you might be
tempted to think you have a free pass for an indulgent weekend, but this will only slow down your efforts to shed weight. Try to find healthier weekend food options rather than undoing all of the disciplined dieting you did during the rest of the week. The same goes for late night ice cream binges!

8. Diet pills and fat-burning supplements

Drugs definitely are the lazy way out of the dieting conundrum. But don’t kid yourself. You can’t get into shape through supplements
and pills alone. While they tend to suppress your hunger by lowering your metabolism, they also encourage your body to up its rate of fat storage as it snaps into survival mode because you’re
depriving it of calories. Once you go off the pills and return to your normal eating habits you’re likely to put all of the lost kilos back on again and more.

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Peerless Messi creates another record that may never be equalled


The Argentine extended his run of goals in La Liga to 19 rounds of the competition on Saturday, and has now netted consecutively against every other side in the table. Chai!
There is virtually no way of stopping him and, after he extended his latest remarkable record on Saturday, there looks likely to be no way of catching him, either. Even though, I’ve never hid my love for his fiery rival Cristano Ronaldo 😀

Lionel Messi made it 19 Liga goals in a row with his second-half strike at Celta Vigo on Saturday evening, as Barcelona were held to a 2-2 draw in Galicia. The Argentine, exhausted after his midweek match in Bolivia and sick during the interval in La Paz due to the high altitude in the Andean city, lacked some of his usual freshness in this encounter, but he still did enough to set up one goal, score another and see a decent appeal for a penalty waved away by the referee.

Round/Date Fixture
11 – 11/11 Mallorca (a) Won 4-2
(Messi 2)
12 – 17/11 Zaragoza (h) Won 3-1
(Messi 2)
13 – 25/11 Levante (a) Won 4-0
(Messi 2)
14 – 01/12 Athletic (h) Won 5-1
(Messi 2)
15 – 09/12 Betis (a) Won 2-1
(Messi 2)
16 – 16/12 Atletico (h) Won 4-1
(Messi 2)
17 – 22/12 Valladolid (a) Won 3-1
(Messi 1)
18 – 06/01 Espanyol (h) Won 4-0
(Messi 1)
19 – 13/01 Malaga (a) Won 3-1
(Messi 1)
20 – 19/01 R. Sociedad (a) Lost 3-2
(Messi 1)
21 – 27/01 Osasuna (h) Won 5-1
(Messi 4)
22 – 03/02 Valencia (a) Drew 1-1
(Messi 1)
23 – 10/02 Getafe (h) Won 6-1
(Messi 1)
24 – 16/02 Granada (a) Won 2-1
(Messi 2)
25 – 23/02 Sevilla (h) Won 2-1
(Messi 1)
26 – 02/03 Real Madrid (a)
Lost 2-1
(Messi 1)
27 – 09/03 Deportivo (h) Won 2-0
(Messi 1)
28 – 17/03 Rayo (h) Won 3-1
(Messi 2)
29 – 30/03 Celta Vigo (a) Drew 2-2
(Messi 1)

All of this, of course, is to be expected these days from the four-time Ballon d’Or winner. Even when his star shines less brightly, Messi remains decisive. This, then, by his own superlative standards, was nothing exceptional.

Yet it was exceptional, because his low drive into the bottom corner in the second half meant that he had scored against every single side in La Liga in a single season, matching Cristiano Ronaldo‘s feat from 2011-12, albeit with one key difference – Messi had done it in consecutive matches.

In fact, the last time he had failed to convert in the Primera Division had been in the home match against Celta at Camp Nou in early November. Ever since then, the Argentine has managed at least one goal – often two and even four on one occasion – in each top-flight fixture. And having already recently broken a world record (belonging to Pole Teodor Pewterek) which had stood since 1937-38 with his 17th consecutive game on the scoresheet earlier in March when he struck a late goal against Deportivo La Coruna, the 25-year-old has now extended the mark by two more rounds to what is now the equivalent of half an entire Primera Division campaign.

It is a record which is likely to remain unchallenged, possibly forever, certainly for the foreseeable future, unless he himself breaks it, of course. Not that he is likely to be finished yet, either. With nine rounds of La Liga left, this record could yet run for the remainder of the current campaign and, possibly, into next season as well.

In the 15th round of La Liga, the fifth match of this current streak, Messi surpassed Gerd Muller‘s mark for goals in a calendar year. The German great had hit 85 for club and country in a total which had stood untouched and unchallenged since 1972. Leo ended 2012 with 91 and has plenty of years left to improve on that, perhaps even claiming 100 goals in a calendar year. Why not?

Last term, Messi also beat Muller’s total of goals scored in a single season (67) as he hit 73 for Barca in 2011-12. This time around, the Argentine already has 56 goals to his name in 2012-13 and up to 14 more matches still remaining – nine in La Liga and five in the Champions League. Continue to convert as he has been so far this term and a new season’s best may arrive in May.

At his current rate, Messi is shattering records on an almost weekly basis, marks which have sometimes stood for decades or been around for 50 years before the player’s birth. And so they tumble, perhaps never to be seen or heard of again.

But when the football records are rewritten for the umpteenth time after Messi’s magical career, his name will feature prominently. And his own records, unless bettered by himself (after all, he is still only 25 and possibly approaching the best years of his brilliant career), look likely to stand the test of time.

So unless football changes dramatically or another genius is fused with a special side in the same way Messi and Barca co-exist almost symbiotically, the Argentine’s latest remarkable records may never, ever be broken.

Hmm! True genius but i love CR7 still 😉

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Joseph Yobo blasts Stephen Keshi over Kenya exclusion


The Super Eagles captain has said he was not told prior to not being picked for the World Cup qualifier against the Harambee Stars in Calabar last month

Joseph Yobo has said he felt ‘disrespected’ by Stephen Keshi for not being told that he would not be called up for last month’s 2014 World Cup qualifying match against Kenya which ended 1-1 at the UJ Esuene Stadium in Calabar.

The Super Eagles captain who is four appearances short of making a century of appearances for the national team said on a radio station on Tuesday that he should have been told before the list was made available to the public.

This statement rhymes with the same complaint made by Peter Odemwingie on the eve of the Nations Cup from which the West Brom striker was excluded.

“I’m disappointed nobody called me before the team list was announced,” Yobo told Brila FM on Tuesday.

“It’s disrespectful. I feel disrespected. I am the captain of the Super Eagles and I thought the coach should have put a call across to me.

“I have no problem being left out,” the 12 year veteran of the national team added.

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Get well soon Kevin Ware :(

5798_165149253643749_249207223_nThe Worst Basketball Injury I Ever Seen In My Life
1 Like = 1 Prayer
1 Share = 1,000 Prayers For Kevin Ware(College Basketball MVP) :/ <|3
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Tiger Woods back as world number one again!


After years of trying, Tiger Woods has finally regained his ranking as the number one golfer in the world. Tiger today Monday March 25th won the Arnold Palmer Invitational for the eighth time, returning him to the top of the world ranking, a position he vacated in October 2010 due to his sex scandal, failed marriage and various leg injuries.

Just one week ago Tiger Woods announced his relationship with Lindsey Vonn. I see she’s doing his body and soul a lot of good. Hmm Girls! Lips sealed shaa 😉

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